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Since That’s Mandarin Chinese Language School was established in 2005, we have been providing professional and innovative Chinese language classes to over 3000 students per year. You are always our top priority and we have specifically developed our courses to ensure you leave us with the confidence and skills to apply Chinese to your daily lives. Our current schools are in Beijing and Shanghai; getting you straight to the heart of Chinese culture so you can immerse yourself completely and maximize your learning experience with us. Take a look at the options available and start learning Mandarin now!

Study Chinese with Us!

Learn Chinese in China with us and experience a package that works for you, exactly! We pride ourselves on our ability and expertise when it comes to creating the perfect language learning program, to satisfy our student’s goals and needs. Potential students looking for a Study Abroad Program are offered a clear and concise selection of study options, where they can take part on our Intensive Chinese Program at either our Beijing or Shanghai campuses.


See what our Students think! The following video gives a quick snapshot into the thoughts & opinions of 4 students, studying our Intensive Chinese Program. Get a feel for what's on offer.

Students already living in China, can also make the most of our intensive programs or opt for one of our flexible Part-time Chinese courses that they can wrap around their schedule.


We have two study options available: One-to-One and Small Groups. Bear in mind that your Mandarin level & learning incentive is always top priority when we create your personal program and can be worked into whichever option you choose.

Take a look around our site and see what’s available at That’s Mandarin. For a taste of what’s in store, see what our students think of their time with us or sign up for a free trial class – available online or on-campus!

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Stephanie Parry

I feel like each teacher gives a lot of thought to my specific needs. The teaching methods are very thorough and involve a lot of different media, not just one text book.

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Certified Test Centers
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Our campuses in Beijing and Shanghai are certified test centers and approved by Hanban. You can take exams directly at our schools

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Student Testimonials

  • Angela Jones - Sydney, Australia
    I choose That’s Mandarin because of the flexibility and the teachers; the full-time teachers that they have working here and I’ve definitely chosen the right option.
  • Bertine Van Der Mast - Rotterdam, Netherlands
    I thought that the video classes were a very good way of learning to speak, because you see what happens & you translate it into Chinese immediately without going into English or Dutch or another language.
  • Ryan Thorpe - New York, USA
    What you’ve done here is basically removed every barrier to make teachers work effectively with students & that’s through technology, it’s through the selection of really excellent teachers who really care about the students...
  • Livia Chitanu - Mingir, Moldova
    I came here actually to learn to speak Chinese & the best way to do that is to speak as much as you can and that’s what I’ve been doing here, everyday, in class with my teachers.
  • Karan Deep Singh - Reading UK
    It’s terrific! I think it’s really helpful that the teacher can focus on the two of us & what I found particularly enjoyable & very useful as a learning mechanism was the role-play, we role play with the teacher & wi...
  • This fully immersive Chinese program is proving to be a hit with foreigners wanting a fast, blast of Mandarin learning. Our unique, customized programs caters directly to our students needs, resulting in happy, returning students who want to learn as much as they can in an intensive time period. ...
  • Our 1-on-1 classes have always been a hit, however, in recent times our Small Group & Mix programs are becoming increasingly popular. With no more than 5 students per class the teacher-student balance is not compromised. Join up to one of our groups, be part of a new one or if you have a grou...
  • Our Chinese Winter Camp is not far away! The learn Chinese through langauge and culture kids & teen camp will be kicking off on November 18th and finishing on December 22nd. Find out more on how you can sign up & what program fits in with your family’s schedule.