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Sebastian Malouf

When I went to China I had 5 weeks and 1 goal – to get a sound basis in the Mandarin language. I can say that without a doubt it was the dynamic personality of Xu-laoshi from That's Mandarin t...

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Teaching Methodology

Starting with Pinyin and basic pronunciation and working up to extended sentences and practice of handwritten characters, we will cover all elements of the language in a way that is appropriate to your child's unique character and learning style. We pride ourselves on the long experience we have in giving non-native speaking children their first steps in the Chinese language. Whilst we do not profess to be able to make learning the language 'easy' we certainly make it a lot less hard than its reputation suggests and we believe the experience of learning with us not only has immediate benefit, but is also fun! Tip: let your child watch popular TV shows that entertain and educate, like; NiHao Kai Lan.

Our Methods:

  • Games and fun approaches to memorization
  • Enjoy cartoons and kids TV shows together.
  • Read comics and short stories
  • Enjoy the wonders and intricacies of Chinese characters.
  • Encourage the child to be confident in speaking and attentive in listening

Program Language Levels

As many experts will tell you, the best way to learn a language is to start early. With teachers who have a wealth of experience teaching Chinese to young children, your child's first steps into learning the language of the future will be productive and above all fun-ensuring that your kids' learning Chinese online is not thought of as a chore imposed upon them.


Absolute Beginner Learn the Romanised Chinese writing system 'PinYin' and basic character stroke order. Begin practicing basic vocabulary and speaking in brief sentences on an array of essential topics – introductions, family, colours, food and animals – amongst others.
Advanced Beginner Having got to grips with PinYin, we introduce more characters and more complex topics, as well as encouraging longer sentences and better pronunciation.


Low Intermediate We continue the study of Chinese characters, as we move more into a conversational stage whereby students should learn to not only express themselves, but also ask questions and respond to further enquiries as to their meaning. They will also be encouraged to tell stories about their daily life.
Mid Intermediate These classes will seek to encourage the student to express themselves in an almost flawless way, with good pronunciation and sentence structure. They will also learn more local language, as well as more about Chinese culture, history and 21st century life.
High Intermediate At this level there is a focus on the reading side of the language to ensure students are as fluent reading a text as they are in telling their own stories. Focusing on this component ensures that the student is well placed to work on the materials provided at the advanced level, and is able to enjoy Chinese literature for children in their own time. Just as when they study their own language there is a limit of how much can be learnt before a sufficient level of reading ability has been achieved and at this stage of the course we focus on developing this. The spoken part and listening benefit comes from continued interchange between teacher and student on the written content, as well as diversions into daily life topics which can easily be accommodated within the broader structure of the class.


At this stage there is a particular focus on the written Chinese ability of the student, as it is assumed here that oral communications and a large majority of Chinese texts pose little to no difficulty to the student. We continue to take class content from ever more complicated and challenging texts, but with a focus on seeing how the student can subsequently express their opinions on the various materials in written form.

Teen Chinese

From beginner to advanced, we have specialist teachers who know how to tailor classes to the particular needs of a teenager learning Mandarin Chinese online. Incorporating fun activities alongside teaching in all 4 parts of the language this course ensures teenagers get a great grounding from which to further their Mandarin study. Once we have taken the free trial class and assessed the student's specific requirements – for example, if they want to prepare for a specific test or in advance of a school or college program – we can recommend a tailored schedule of classes to ensure that goals are met.