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Why Study Mandarin Chinese in China?

Language is best learnt in an immersive environment where you are surrounded by its native speakers. When you study Chinese in China, you are learning more than just the language. You will discover an exciting new culture that will aid your understanding of how the Chinese language develops and the intricacies of the everyday Chinese words and phrases. Click the button below to find out more.

The Best Schools to Study Chinese In China

Language Schools In China

That′s Mandarin School

That’s Mandarin is a premier Chinese language school in China with over 12 years of experience in Mandarin teaching. The school developed its own teaching methods that have been proven to be highly effective in helping students master the Chinese language.

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Chinese Summer Camp

Chinese Summer Camp is for kids and teens aged 7-17 years old. It’s held in Beijing and Shanghai annually and aims to introduce and strengthen students’ understanding of the Chinese culture while learning Mandarin. It’s fun, safe and educational!

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China School Trip

China School Trip is catered to schools or educators abroad who want to organize a travel-study trip to China. Students will learn different aspects of the Chinese culture, from the language to its arts and crafts, and visit some of the best landmarks in China.

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That′s Mandarin Blog

Find out more about what life is like in China and what to expect. We offer tips and guidance to make your Chinese life much more fulfilling, along with some free Chinese lessons, cultural tips and guides to Chinese cuisine.

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How to Choose a Chinese Language Course in China

Let this guide help you in choosing a Chinese course in China. It’s essential to do your research well before putting down a deposit on a course. Click the button to find out more.

3 Ways to Learn Chinese Quickly

Mandarin is a challenging language to learn, but with these 3 easy ways you can become fluent in a short period of time. Learn and apply these skills in your Chinese learning journey.

What’s Your Chinese HSK Level?

Optimize your learning. Find out what your Chinese level is and proceed from there.