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learn chinese online, online chinese school, Online Chinese Course

Want a free trail lesson?

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How It Works

Mandarin Cafe is the ultimate learning platform to get the results you’ve always wanted with your Chinese study.

  • Book live lessons with your teacher anytime
  • Automated note-taking – you don’t have to handwrite any class notes anymore
  • Simply use a Chrome browser to take your lessons

For a start, we are offering you a free assessment of your Mandarin Chinese level, a free consultation to help you understand more about Mandarin learning and a free trial lesson with our Chinese teacher online.

What You Get

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  • Study Mandarin from the convenience of your own home
  • Learn Mandarin from native Chinese teachers based in China
  • Speak and understand Mandarin in as little time as possible

Who Are We?

3000+ Students

study with us every year in Beijing, Shanghai & online

Founded in 2005

and has become a trusted Chinese language school

Effective Results

guaranteed with our teaching methods

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Risk-Free Guarantee

Our Online Course Pricing Starts From Just USD 20 – USD 35 Per Class. You Can Currently Save Up to 30%.

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Take It Easy

 Chinese Teacher: Yang LaoShi

Chinese Teacher: Yang LaoShi

All our teachers are

  • Personable and friendly with a passion to teach
  • Certified to teach Mandarin as a foreign language, with at least 2 years of teaching experience
  • Work full-time for That’s Mandarin in China

Try a class and you’ll see just how good our teachers are.

Ready To Help

 Sales Consultants: Fiona & Sunnie

Sales Consultants: Fiona & Sunnie

Our Sales Consultants will

  • Help you arrange a trial class at a time that’s best for you
  • Match you with a great Chinese teacher and answer any questions you might have
  • Be with you throughout your time with us

Just message them on WeChat and Messenger anytime!

Free Consultation

Our Course Consultant will advice on the best type of online lessons, schedule and lesson content that fit your learning style and goals.

Free Assessment

Take our Chinese test to assess the level of your Chinese skills according to the official HSK exam and plan your study path as necessary.

Free Trial Lesson

You can take an online, live Chinese class for free to preview what our course is like, meet the teacher and see what our teaching method is like.

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